Thank you for visiting my page. In order to orient you to my journey I have created icons that offer a quick view into my accomplishments. Check out the descriptions below to get a sense of what they mean.


This icon represents some of my work with varying data sets to bring insights to life, create a narrative and move initiatives forward. This is an expression of the analytical and critical thinking framework that is part of my DNA.


This icon symbolizes the leadership positions I have held. I strive to be a servant leader whether I am serving as a thought leader driving innovation at Mercer  or as a traditional team manager at Mercedes-Benz USA.


I am always seeking new learning opportunities for both myself and others. Look for the LRN to get a feel for what I have learned and what I have taught. As an avid learner, I know that my journey has just begun, and I am excited to see what else is in store for me.


There’s more to life than my day job. Look for the LFSTYL to see what I’m like outside of the office. I enjoy doing some pretty unique things, but I also enjoy some mainstream hobbies. Just as I want to get to know you, I want you to get to know me.


PDev symbolizes times where I took the aha moment and gave it life by developing a roadmap and shipping it. Additionally it covers some of my more recent ventures developing prototypes for all new products.


The PM highlights opportunities I have been able to lead as a project manager, casting vision, delegating tasks, and staying cool under pressure. These projects range from smaller, quick sprints to large-budget, multi-year projects.